Making friends has never been easier

Us millennials don’t talk to the cute guy at the bar, we swipe right. We don’t have a sense of direction because we google map it, and we love to spend our holidays at a stranger’s house rather than in a hotel. We are attached to the digital world, but that doesn’t mean we don’t seek interactions. I would even go as far as arguing that we are the most sociable generation yet.

So how did I end up with these bunch of crazies to your left, when I had just moved to Madrid a day before? The answer is of course on my phone.

I already had a Couchsurfing profile, and actually surfed some couches soon after (more on that later), but downloaded the app in Madrid to discover Couchsurfing Hangouts, the cooler and less creepier big brother of Tinder Social.

I met a group of people for a coffee, which turned into dinner, which turned into drinks, which turned into a night out, as more and more people joined our amazingly random hangout session.

So I made a lot of friends, and a handful for a lifetime. I can assure you, if you meet one person you like in Spain, you suddenly find yourself part of their close circle of friends in no time, and can’t even imagine spending a day without sharing some tapas and drinks with them.

So, ignore your mother’s ‘stranger danger’ advice and hitch a ride with that randomer you just met online. Get drunk with people you absolutely know nothing about, and let them take you down the small, dark alleyways of a foreign city, where no tourist would even dream of walking along.

Been there, done that, I’m still here and glad I did it.



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