Mimosa O’Clock

The first week back to work after Christmas is always the hardest. After three weeks of being barely human, living in my pajama and sleeping 84 hours per week, I suddenly have to wake up at 6:00 am and be a productive contribution to society.

So after working hard for 5 whole days, I felt like I deserved a day of pampering and carbs (while I should be saving money and losing that Christmas-food weight). After getting my morning manicure, I headed over to Carmencita to catch up over mimosas with the girls.

On a Saturday afternoon, the place was packed with hungry faces eager to be seated. Charming and cozy are two words that jumped to mind straight away. As one of the girls was running on Spanish-time, we risked it for the biscuit, or in this case, €1 mimosas, and waited in line.

Yes, you read correctly, €1 mimosas. Now if that isn’t reason enough to come here! We decided to opt for a jug of mimosa between two of us since we obviously intended to destroy our livers.

As we chatted mainly about boys and parties, we had the most delicious breakfast food one could dream of. I am a huge fan of breakfast and am thus easily disappointed if my food isn’t 100% perfect. Well, let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed! On the menu, you will find classics such as eggs benedict, french toast and ‘huevos rancheros’. Just down my alley.

After nearly rolling back home (I was so full, I couldn’t even hit the sales), I had to take a siesta and sleep off the jug of mimosa, to prevent a midday hangover.


// Carmencita Bar // Calle de San Vincente Ferrer, 51 Madrid // 


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