El Rastro


16118639_10154917104234244_921401865_nI’ve been in Madrid for 5 months. I’ve been to most food markets, explored the various different barrios, tried about 274 different kinds of tapas and drank my body weight in wine. Yet, it took me this long to finally go to possibly the biggest flea market in the city.

Every Sunday the barrio La Latina turns into the Spanish version of Camden Locks, boasting small stalls of things you don’t really need.

For the first time in 5 months, I found myself in bed before midnight on a Saturday night (how did that happen?) and was thus able to rise and shine on an incredibly sunny Sunday. I followed to crowds to La Latina, where I strolled along the busy streets, amused by the fiery Spaniards bargaining with stall owners.
Sundays in Madrid are special. It seems that the city slowly starts waking up after 12pm (because Madrileños literally only wake up at noon…) There is a  kind of weekend happiness which lingers in the air; a kind of southern tranquility. It lets you breathe, enjoy and forget about your problems for a few sweet minutes.

I loved the wholesome feeling of mingling with locals and embraced the full Spanish experience by bargaining myself.



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