Straya Mate


Hidden away in one of Madrid’s nooks is a very small piece of Australia. At Federal Cafe, you will find lamingtons galore and lots of international people.

From the quaint and colorful Spanish streets of Malasaña, you step into a modern, open and trendy space. During the summer, the big windows let you enjoy your coffee on the sill, dangling one leg in the sun. In the winter they are great for people-watching.


When I say a small piece of Australia, I really mean an itsy bitsy tiny piece. The Aussie vibe starts with the delicious national cake, and also kind of stops there. International cafes in Madrid are heavily influenced by the Spanish culture, and Federal Cafe is no exception to that. Okay, I admit Federal is not your typical Spanish cafe, but you will find subtle reminders of your Madrid-bound location here and there.

Nevertheless, Federal Cafe is one of the most popular spots for a catch-up over brunch or lunch. You won’t hear a lot of Spanish, but you will definitely enjoy good coffee and tasty food.

// Federal Café // Pl. de las Comendadoras 9, Madrid //


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