I’m Famous now

One Sunday afternoon my friend and I took a long healthy walk through town… okay, okay we cafe hopped, going from one cake place to another – standard Sunday. We ended up at Retiro and decided to check out the Crystal Palace. For some odd reason I had never gotten round to looking at it. Probably because I was too busy eating cake.

We chit-chatted about guys and cake (do you see a pattern here?), taking in the view of the palace, as a petite Colombian woman approached us. She immediately turned to my friend, assuming I spoke no word of Spanish (Blonde-lyfe). She told her they needed a blonde girl with a resting bitchface (me) to extra in their short YouTube video. Without even asking me and embracing her inner pimp, my friend sold me off to some Colombian men, who were strangely lingering in the background.

The situation was so bizarre, that I agreed to help them out. They explained that they are ‘influencers’ and mainly post on Instagram and YouTube. Cute, I thought. Even though I was makeup-less and dressed in my Sunday I-need-space-for-cake-look, I wanted to do an act of kindness. How many people are really going to see this anyway? I mean, the protagonist has blue hair.

The shoot took 5 minutes. I had to pretend (but not really pretend) to be disgusted as the blue haired macho Colombian hit on me. Easy peasy, I do this all the time.

As we left, we checked out their Instagram… over 3 million followers!? 

Yes, I’m famous now. Let me know where to send the autograph.




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