Thursday Thirst Tip: Salmon Guru

Are you thirsty this Thursday and looking for something special in Madrid? You have come to the right place. My Thursday Thirst Tip today is Salmon Guru.

I love this place because it is super special and strange. It’s a cool space to have a few cocktails or even a bite to eat. The food, a mix between Spanish and Asian, is great to share with the lucky person you take here.

I had been following these guys on Instagram for a while and stumbled across it accidentally while looking for a spot to booze one Friday night. We were lucky enough to get a table (it was fate), but usually you will have to reserve.

The staff is friendly, the vibe trendy and the customers are a colourful blend of old and young.


(picture taken from Instagram @Salmonguru)

// Salmon Guru // Calle Echegaray, nº 21, Madrid, Spain //


Any ideas on this? Share them here!

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