This is the point where I should be saying the usual “I quit my boring desk job, sold all my belongings and boarded a one-way flight to an awesome foreign location”. The reality is, that as a recent graduate I did not have a job, nor did I own anything precious to sell. I could not save money, and I definitely did not plan far ahead. I did however pack a bag and buy a one-way ticket to ‘an awesome foreign location’.

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“You’re the catalysts to your own happiness”

As the daughter of an American expat father and a Bavarian mother, my normal life has always revolved around colliding cultures, bilingualism and travel. As soon as I turned 18, I left my home town Munich to study in Scotland’s enchanting capital, Edinburgh.

I had never before lived on my own, let alone in a foreign country. I was forced to grow up and soon learned some valuable life lessons… What? The fridge doesn’t just magically restock itself?! And since when do I actually need to buy toilet paper?!

It was exciting to meet new people and explore the braveheart country, and I definitely fell deeply in love with Edinburgh. Let’s fast forward three years. I got into a numbing routine of work, studies, and gym. I had somehow managed to survive uni stress, broke student-life and a tough break-up. I had even mastered the art of not only keeping the fridge stocked with healthy foods but actually transforming them into deliciously home cooked meals. Sounds good to you? Well, I was bored. And so, I found myself on a flight to Australia.

I loved waking up to a completely foreign and strange place. Daily life was exciting again, and I felt revived. Even though I love Melbourne to bits and would go back in a heartbeat, Oz was not always welcoming. Yet again I had learned valuable life lessons… What do you mean, not everyone has my best interest at heart?!

Reluctantly I returned to Edinburgh to complete my masters, which was the longest and shortest year of my life. I got itchy feet, and as soon as my course had finished, I packed all my nine bags and set off to London. After a two-week internship, I knew that I was not ready to climb the career ladder in the corporate world. I am the happiest when I travel, and hence I bought a one-way flight ticket to Madrid. Let’s see if and how it works out for me…

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