Start Here

So this is where it all starts…

Flight to Madrid – check! Cheap accommodation – check! Job – kinda check? Blog – absolutely check!

First things first: what’s up with the blog name, right? I am a coffee lover at heart, die-hard avocado/guacamole fan and I was born to travel. ‘Coffee, Guac & Travel’ is pretty much me in a nutshell. It’s as simple as that!

Now that that is clarified, why travel? I’ve been following all the good travel bloggers, jealous of their backpacking adventures and yearning to do the same one day. Wanderlust had consumed me, I just didn’t know how to satisfy it! After reading up on the topic, I unsuccessfully applied to ‘digital nomad’ jobs. I’m not a quitter, so I decided to go down a different avenue.starthereimage.jpg

I have always loved English and languages in general, and so decided to do my TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) qualification. Thus, I applied for jobs in Spain. Why teaching in Spain, you might ask? Because its an excuse to live the good life in the sun… and of course because I want to help people and all that too. Okay, lets face it, teaching is not my calling in life, but it’s a good way start traveling, earn some money abroad, learn a new language and get some rewarding work experience.

My journey starts in Madrid with a two week intensive training course. At the end of these two weeks, I will either be told that it would be an utter disgrace having me teach any kind of class, or I will be relocated to a Spanish city of my choice, where I can kickstart my kickass teaching career and begin a new life. Let’s hope for the latter.